New Hampshire is my favorite place to work. (click an image to enlarge)

Welcome to my gallery of ceramics. I've been working, really playing with clay since I was 16 years old. The two-speed potter's wheel my father purchased then is still functioning fine. 

I attended Massachusetts College of Art but eventually pursued a degree in social work from Smith College and developed a practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis- which I love. 

Pottery is what I do on the side, often in my favorite place- New Hampshire.  After the throwing process is complete, I usually have a sense of satisfaction- then it dries and is ready for an initial firing in the kiln. This 'bisque firing will cook the clay and solidify the piece. The second step is glazing- not my favorite part. Many a good pot have been thrown into the heap pile after the glazing process.  Up on the website are the survivors- my favorites.  

At the moment, my intention is to show my work- put it out there for you to see.  Also, my house is overcrowded with pottery. 

If you're interested in purchasing something, shoot me an email. 

All of my pottery (except the raku) can hold water, be put into the oven and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Enjoy!  Linda